Te Mana o te Moana

The state of the climate in the Pacific

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On 9th AuG 2021 a panel of researchers and activists launched Te Mana o te Moana: the State of the Climate in the Pacific 2021


Greenpeace Australia Pacific in collaboration with Griffith University's Climate Action Beacon present ‘Te Mana o te Moana: the State of the Climate in the Pacific 2021′.

At this online event, panelists provide the latest analysis of how the world is progressing on the aims of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, and share stories of Pacific island people on the front lines of the fight for their communities and the planet.

'Te Mana o te Moana: the State of the Climate in the Pacific 2021' demonstrates why the world must put in place plans to reduce emissions to keep heating below 1.5 degrees as soon as possible. And it highlights why Australia has a special obligation to lead, as a major emitter and a significant power in the Pacific.

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Meet the Speakers

Genevieve Jiva
Co-Author and
Pacific Climate Warrior
photo Joe-Moeono-Kolio-500x500
Auimatagi Joseph Moeono-Kolio
Head of Pacific
Greenpeace Australia Pacific

photo kavita-naidu
Kavita Naidu
Human Rights Lawyer and Board Member
Greenpeace Australia Pacific
Nikola photo
Dr Nikola Casule
Head of Research and Investigations
Greenpeace Australia Pacific
photo - susan
Professor Susan Harris-Rimmer (Chair)
Director, Policy Innovation Hub
Griffith University
photo - Brendan
Professor Brendan Mackey
Director, Griffith Climate Action Beacon
Griffith University