Fossil fuel giant Woodside wants to drill for climate-wrecking gas in Western Australia’s pristine oceans -home to already vulnerable whales, turtles, sharks and corals

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Woodside's Scarborough and Browse projects
are bad news for whales

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Seismic blasts would be sent every 5 seconds, day and night, for 80 days – devastating whales who are highly sensitive to noise and rely on their hearing to navigate and forage for food.

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Ecotoxicological threats come from pollutants released into the marine environment, like byproducts from drilling and processing.  Dangerous persistent chemical pollutants could also result in the case of an unforeseen emergency, such as a well blowout or spill.

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 Increased boat traffic heightens risk of vessel strikes, potentially injuring or killing wildlife. This is one of the main causes of whale deaths worldwide. Woodside's 'fast crew transfer vessels' and large tankers pose the biggest risks.

Help stop Woodside’s  Burrup Hub gas project

Australia is ready for a clean energy future. But as the rest of the world charges ahead, Woodside wants to drill for climate-wrecking gas in Western Australia's pristine oceans - threatening migratory whale species and other wildlife.

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Make a tax-deductible donation to help save marine life today.

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