It's time for Coles and ALDI to get in the fast lane and electrify their cars and trucks!

Our big supermarkets have a significant role to play in driving down Australia’s climate pollution – but they’re not moving fast enough!

Trucks are responsible for 38% of Australia's transport emissions. By electrifying their fleets, supermarkets can go from being a pollution problem, to part of the solution.

Not only is this better for the planet, it will also make our roads quieter, cleaner and healthier for all Australians.

Woolies has committed to 100% electric home delivery trucks by 2030, and Coles and ALDI risk lagging behind on the race to clean transport.

Send an email now to push Coles and Aldi in the fast lane towards clean, electric trucks!

After signing, share the case to electrify fleets with your network on LinkedIn to keep the electrify conversation going.

By sending one email, you'll be contacting both Coles and ALDI!

We've already written the email for you, but feel free to add in a personal note on why you want to see electric trucks delivering your groceries.



Why should businesses
electrify their fleets?

Green energy Lowering emissions
Solar power Save on costs
Electric vehicle (EV) EVs for all Australians
Why should businesses electrify their fleets

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