Renewable-powered electric transport is good for people, planet, and business.

Why renewable-powered electric transport is good for people, planet, and business.

Green energy zero emissions

Driving on sunshine is a key destination on the road to zero emissions. 

Over 40 top businesses in Australia have already committed to get off coal and reenergise their operations with 100% renewable electricity this decade, putting them on the road to zero emissions and a safer future for all. Now it’s time to get off oil, by making a shift to electric vehicles powered by the sun and wind.

Solar power

First movers are already going the distance.

Corporate leadership on electric vehicles internationally is showing the opportunity for Electric cars and trucks are not only great for the planet and cutting climate pollution – they're fast becoming a smart investment for businesses. This is because electric vehicles are much cheaper to run and maintain compared to gas-guzzling cars and trucks. Electric cars are 3-5 times more efficient than petrol cars and decrease exposure to volatile oil prices.

Electric vehicle (EV)

Accelerating Australia toward a cleaner, healthier future.

Australian families want cleaner, quieter communities and are keen to do their bit by purchasing electric vehicles. The rapid turnover of new vehicles in corporate fleets means companies have an outsized responsibility for the cars they bring into the country and feed into the second hand car market. If more businesses electrify their fleets, that means more everyday Aussies can buy EVs sooner and start driving towards a cleaner, healthier future.

About the report

Globally, the shift to electric vehicles is accelerating but Australia’s cars remain some of the dirtiest and most polluting in the world. Businesses internationally are taking advantage of the benefits of electric vehicles to clean up their corporate fleets while making cost savings and reducing their climate pollution. Big companies with high use cars are already seizing the opportunity to realise economic, environmental and reputational benefits.

Over 120 leading businesses representing 5.5 million vehicles across 98 markets worldwide have already committed to electrify their fleets by 2030 through EV100, an initiative by the Climate Group. Some businesses operating in Australia who have made an EV100 commitment to electric fleets include: IKEA, Origin Energy, AGL Energy, Siemens, Unilever and Coca Cola Europacific Partners.

This report analyses the case for corporate electric vehicle commitments in Australia and the state of play for over 30 major companies across 5 sectors operating nationally:

Electric-Fleet-Retail Electric-Fleet-Banking-finance Electric-Fleet-Food-beverage Electric-Fleet-Utilities Electric-Fleet-Hire-cars
Banking & finance
Food & beverage
Hire cars

It also considers the role of government fleets, grants and incentives can play in the uptake of electric vehicles and the economic incentives for an early transition. 

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